PUBLISH YOUR PAPERScholarly only accepts papers that pass the Paris-U Research Standards

STEP 1Perform Research

Have original research that is of contemporary interest. Scholars should prioritize high-quality research to facilitate field growth. A thorough literature analysis will aid in identifying current difficulties in the field.

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STEP 2Prepare & Submit Manuscript

Identify a journal with similar purpose and scope to your research. This is the period when the author must review the journal’s copyright, authorship, submission guidelines, and publication fees.

After locating an appropriate publication, format the paper according to the journal’s author guidelines. While writing up your findings, you should generate what you believe to be original hypotheses, base your work on solid facts, and employ a suitable research approach. Include both theoretical and practical ramifications of your work.

Submit your paper online via and include all pertinent information. Do not simultaneously submit the manuscript to more than one journal.

STEP 3Peer review

After the editorial screening, a well-formatted submission that falls within the journal’s scope will undergo peer review. Be patient and wait a couple of weeks for a response from the editor during the review process. Reviewing time varies by journal; visit the about section of a specific journal to determine the estimated reviewing time necessary for that publication.
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STEP 4Decision

The editor will give you one of the following decision letters based on the recommendation of the reviewer:

  • Revision Required: Revise the manuscript based on the feedback and resubmit.
  • Declined: Examine your manuscript and decline justification. Spend a great deal of time revising your entire manuscript before submitting it again.
  • Accepted: Your submission will undergo copyediting by the journal before final publication.

STEP 5Publication

4 weeks after the acceptance of the manuscript, you will receive a galley proof version for minor proofreading revisions and your paper will be published.