JOURNAL & SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY OFThe Université Libérale de Paris

We create excellent researchers through the 4R model and let you have the chance to become our research supervisors.

WHO WE AREWe make your research paper different

Scholarly is a journal and scientific community of Université Libérale de Paris, dedicated to Master's, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral students.

WHAT WE DODefine success together

Scholarly helps researchers conduct research in accordance with international standards and provide them the opportunities to become professors and research instructors at Université Libérale de Paris and its partner universities.

HOW WE DOSupport researchers through 4R model

The 4R paradigm not only allows the completion of scientific research in accordance with international standards but also the advancement of scientific careers.

Publish your paper & be recognized

As a liberal arts university, Université Libérale de Paris prioritizes scientific research as one of the most significant activities for fostering knowledge, free thoughts, and job opportunities for scientists.


INDUSTRIESOur Research Fields

Master, Doctoral and PostDoc students of Université Libérale de Paris will be able to participate in research in the following fields:

4R MODELRecognize your research & improve your career

The 4R model is a unique model that supports you in the research process and lets you become our international lecturer and research supervisor.


Paris-U professors guide postgraduate students of Doctorate and PostDoc programs based on the rigorous regulations of the International Research Paper.


Postgraduate students will have their research defense at our Colloquiums and participate in the Peer Review process as per regulations of the ISI/SCOPUS journals.


Once accomplished research meets either ISI/SCOPUS requirements, a degree (Doctorate/PostDoc) will be granted, and the research will be published on Scholarly.


After becoming a Doctorate or Post Doctorate of PARIS-U can become a Research Supervisor and/or lecturer of PARIS-U and an HEIs member of European Education Holdings.

SUPPORT YOU BYOur Peer Review Team

Renowned for the research supervisors' quality of work, our team provides the best research advice under competitive processes.

AVIATION & LOGISTICSProf. Dr. Seyed Ghadiri


LIBERAL EDUCATIONDr. Rémy Auguste François

IT & INNOVATIONProf. Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass