4R MODELResearch (R1)

Note: Instructors only guide about the research methods and orientation. Students will be responsible for ensuring the quality and progress of their research.


RESEARCH SUPERVISORE.A.R.S supervisory model

  • Educator: provide knowledge on research methodologies, standards and requirements, deadlines, funding sources, etc., of the research based on the requirements from Scholarly and Paris-U.
  • Advisor: provide advice and guidance to help researchers keep their work on track, but the responsibility for developing work rests with the researcher.
  • Report: work closely with the researchers to report the research progress and report possible problems with Paris-U during the supervision.
  • Standards: make sure the research meets the research methodology, standards and requirements, and deadlines.
E - Educator
A - Advisor
R - Report
S - Standards

-ties of PhD & PostDoc candidates

  • M1 – Manage their work efficiently and commit adequate time and effort to the project.
  • M2 – Maintain frequent and regular contact with the supervisors
  • M3 – Meet the research’s high standard based on the requirements of the academic board, SIMI research policy, ISI/SCOPUS Journals, the Academic Journal of Switzerland.
  • M4 – Make a report and present the paper at conferences and publish sections of the work where appropriate under the guidance of their supervisors.

ACCREDITED & RECOGNITIONScholarly & Paris-U Research Sytems

The Scholarly research and review systems are adapted to the ISO 20252:2019 Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics, recognised by the HEAD (Higher Education Accreditation Department) and accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities) with Premier Institution status.

POLICIESResearch Policies & Standards


Paris-U and Scholarly are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in their research based on the ISO 20252:2019 – Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics, and places ethics and integrity at the heart of its decision making.

  • ISO 20252:2019 – Paris-U and Scholarly apply and comply with the strict requirements of the ISO 20252:2019 inspection system. Ensure the maintenance of systems, procedures and accreditation certificates in accordance with this standard.
  • Ethics and integrity – Paris-U and Scholarly comply with Ethics requirements in research activities, selection of instructors, selection of PhD students, and selection of articles for publication on Scholarly. Applying the EU Ethics Supplemental Standards, post-Brexit ethics regulations.
  • Based on Data Analysis – Paris-U and Scholarly make research decisions and conclusions based on data analysis and a rigorous research process guided by ISO 20252:2019.

Requirement 1: Core framework

  • Statement of applicability
  • Confidentiality of research
  • Documentation and records management

Requirement 2: Personnel and infrastructure responsibilities

  • Personnel and organisational responsibilities
  • Personnel — Performance management

Requirement 3: Information security

  • Information security risk framework
  • Information handling
  • Information security controls
  • Information security training and awareness

Requirement 4: Subcontracting services

  • General
  • Subcontracted project work

Requirement 5: Planning, delivery and reporting on projects and research work

  • General.
  • Client relationship management.
  • The project, work requests or other responses to offer services
  • Providing deliverables to the client

Requirement 6: Management review and improvement

  • Input
  • Output

Requirement 7: Internal audits

  • Internal audits policy and requirements

Requirement 8: Legal requirements

  • Legal requirements of Paris-U research