4R MODELReview (R2)

Paris-U offers PhD, DBA and Post Doctorate students the opportunity to perfect their research through participating in International Colloquiums and Peer Review process; support to register international articles in ISI/SCOPUS journals and publish them in Scholarly.



  1. Attend Colloquium
  2. Review research
  3. Choose journals
  4. Peer review
  5. Publish the paper
  6. Recognise (R3)


REVIEW(R2) BENEFITCIALSReview process will help

  • Enhance your knowledge with International Colloquium
  • Complete the research with the Review process before publishing
  • Choose the ISI/SCOPUS Journal that is conformable to the research field
  • Provide adjustment support when evaluated from the journal during the Peer-Review process
  • Publish articles in ISI/SCOPUS Journals and Scholarly.
  • Depending on the study program, students will receive their respective degrees, accredited and recognized by Paris-U.

REVIEW CRITERIAQuestions to consider:

  1. Is there an aim, research question or reason for doing the research, and has this research been put in the context of the previous work?
  2. Have all methods been described sufficiently to allow others to evaluate and/or replicate the work in similar circumstances?
  3. Have the results been presented and discussed clearly and thoroughly?
  4. Do the results support the authors’ conclusions?
  5. Are the included additional files (supplementary materials) appropriate?
  6. Are there any ethical or competing interest issues you would like to raise?

POLICIESReview Policies & Standards


After the Review (2) process, a paper should meet several general criteria:

  • The data are technically sound
  • The paper provides strong evidence for its conclusions
  • The results are novel
  • The manuscript is essential to researchers in its specific field
  • The paper will be interesting to a general audience of scientists

The Paris-U Academic board and Scholarly’s Peer Review Board read all submitted manuscripts. Only the papers that seem most likely to meet Scholarly research policy are sent for Scholarly formal review to save authors and referees time.

The Scholarly formal review policy:

  • Simultaneous submissions of the same manuscript to different journals will not be accepted.
  • Manuscripts with contents outside the scope will not be considered for review.
  • The Academic Board makes all the Scholarly publication decisions of Paris-U based on the referees’ reports.
  • Only the publication must meet the Research standard of Paris-U based on the ISO 20252:2019 Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics.
  • All submitted manuscripts are treated as confidential documents.
  • Scholarly peer review process is confidential, and the identity of the reviewers cannot be revealed.

The project’s aim and method

  • The project’s aims and methods DO NOT come into conflict with commonly recognized values.
  • When carried out, the project DOES NOT involve the risk of injury to people, animals, or nature.
  • If the project involves the risk of injury to people, animals, or nature, the people involved MUST be aware of the risk.

Research involving identifiable persons

If the research involves personal data collection and/or processing, the researcher must prove that informed consent is obtained from the participants.

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